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“Be who you are, know what you know, because your own fingerprint is so unique. You should exploit what’s different about you, not try to look like everyone else.”

Okay, I absolutely never never do these kinds of posts. But I do want to say, how ecstatic I am that Meryl won tonight for best actress. 17 nominations. 3 wins. I sure did pick a fantastic role model. She truly does deserve the honor because her performance was incredible, and so is she. She is so humble about the whole thing. She drives me to be a better person, every day of my life, not because of how acclaimed she is, or how many awards she has won, but because of who she is as a human-being. She has made so many fantastic films, all with different lives, different stories, different secrets- they all deserve equal recognition. I am so grateful that she has been recognized this year after quite a long wait. I’m so proud of her, and I hope you all are too.

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